About me

Gema Arrugaeta is a professional photographer trained in Barcelona.

Her passion for nature and travelling has made her choose this field. Arrugaeta’s broad experience has taken her to counteless landscapes, countries and cultures around the world.

Plenty are the countries where she has carried out photography projects: Peru, Bolivia, the Amazon, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Sami, Denmark, Italy, France, Morocco, Tanzania, Nepal, Tibet, the Himalaya, Sri Lanka, the Caribbean…

Arrugaeta manages her own photographic archive with over 170.000 shots and she has worked as a photographer for the TVE programme “Al filo de lo imposible” in Nepal and Tibet.

Author of 6 books about nature image, she has also participated in various books and publications made by public and private institutions, as well as collaborated in national and international magazines.

She has produced 13 documentaries in several formats and her pictures can be seen in over 10 thematic museums.

Teaching seminars and organising exhibitions are also part of her professional work.

Gema Arrugaeta loves her job as a photographer: it is much more than a career, it is a lifestyle, a passionate way of life.


Gema ArrugaetaProfessional Photographer
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